Top 3 Best PC Portable For DJ

Top 3 Best PC Portable For DJ

As a DJ, finding a portable and efficient laptop that will allow you to DJ with your computer, laptop, iPod and other music devices can be difficult. Whatever genre of music you decided on, a portable laptop is your helping hand. A portable pc for DJs is one mostly used by DJs these days.

For some, it is meant to be used as an extension of their existing computer, while others find it crucial to their creative process. A portable pc for DJs is a laptop that comes with a built-in mixer and allows the user to freely mix songs on the fly and edit them using various software editing programs.

In this guide, we will talk about what you should look for in a portable pc for DJ, how it can benefit you as well as how much you should spend on it. There are several things we should look into when shopping for one.

Best Pc Portable For Dj


This laptop is considered to be the most preferred model by many DJs, especially those belonging to the electronic genre. It has several features that one would certainly find useful.

It is designed to withstand years and it provides a very strong body which makes it durable and reliable. The device also comes with several ports which are sufficient to allow you to be able to connect other devices if necessary.

The laptop runs on OS X (version 10) which enables you to save time using some of your favorite programs like Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro, or GarageBand among others.

Pros and cons

  • Fast
  • Great keyboard touch and screen
  • Excellent product
  • Small and powerful computer
  • Incompatible with few apps


The Asus ZenBook Pro is an awesome computer that provides you with several features. It is portable, lightweight, and powerful. The device comes with a 15.6-inch screen, making it almost impossible to hide the unit.

It is powered by an Intel Core i7 Skylake processor and has a RAM of 16 GB. This ensures that you will have enough processing power to multitask effectively. The laptop also comes with a fast PCIe SSD which allows the computer to access data very quickly.

It has several ports and slots including USB 3.1 which can transfer data at a speed of up to 10 Gbps. Other ports include HDMI, Ethernet, and an SD card reader.

Pros and cons

  • Great computer for DJing and other uses.
  • Effective fingerprint scanner
  • Fast data transfer speeds with the SSD.
  • Excellent battery life – Up to 7 hours!
  • Heavy


Another great computer that is considered to be better than the Samsung laptop mentioned above. The Dell XPS 13 has great performance and fits the bill as a portable computer. It is particularly meant for DJing as it can play all music gadgets such as turntables, CD players, MP3 players, and even a laptop or desktop computer.

The computer comes with an Intel Core i7 processor that can perform tasks very quickly and efficiently. Another advantage of this laptop is that it comes with 8 GB of RAM which gives one more space for gaming and other tasks at the same time.

It also comes with a touchscreen display which makes it easier to operate by removing physical barriers between you and your device.

Pros and cons:

  • Excellent quality
  • Thin and light
  • Easily use it for 8+ hours on a single charge
  • Expensive

What To Look For In A Portable Pc For DJ?

Everyone knows that laptop computers are smaller, lighter, and more portable than desktop PCs. They are also usually less expensive. Portable laptop computers have become a popular option for the average person and an invaluable tool for a DJ. They can be used in conjunction with traditional DJ equipment or as a standalone DJ tool.

To use your portable as a part of your overall DJ setup, you will need to find one with the right connections. Simpler gigging setups may only need two or three inputs, but if you are going to be used to playing out at clubs or parties regularly, you should consider getting one with up to four inputs (so you can plug in multiple sources) and outputs for the master output signal.

1. Compatible With Music Apps:

If your portable PC doesn't come with the right software, it will not be a very useful DJ tool. Some laptops come with basic sound editing capabilities built right into the operating system. If you are looking to use your machine as a mobile DJ setup, this will be more than enough (depending on what kind of DJ you are).

2. Microphone Input:

A portable PC for DJ is not just used for DJing. You will also want one with a microphone input if you plan to use it for voice calls. This will give you the ability to play phone calls and chat during your sets.

3. USB Inputs:

USB audio input switches allow you to connect several music sources (e.g., your iPhone, iPod, and laptop). Not all models come with this feature, so be sure to research what's available before buying.

4. Connectivity:

If you plan on using your portable PC as a traditional DJ setup, you'll need enough connections so that you can plug in all the devices used by DJs (e.g. turntables, CD players, etc.). Most laptops come with a few USB ports, but you'll want to consider getting one with at least two FireWire or eSATA connectors. These will not only offer you more options for connecting your devices to your portable PC but can also be used for connecting larger external hard drives as well.

5. Internal Sound Card:

Another important factor in choosing the right portable pc for DJ is to find one that has an internal sound card. This is especially true if you are planning on using this laptop as a standalone DJ setup.

What Are The Benefits Of Getting A Pc Portable For A DJ?

1. It's Portable:

If you are a DJ and love to play out at dance parties, or perhaps you're working with a small venue, then you'll want to get a portable pc for DJ. This will allow you to move around freely with your laptop, and it also comes in handy when traveling on tour or heading out on the road.

2. A Good Soundcard:

DJs use different types of music, and most of them usually feature heavy basslines that need an equally heavy soundcard. Portable PCs can supply this just by using an internal sound card instead of one installed in the motherboard (which is shared by all other hardware).

3. Great Graphics:

DJs usually use a lot of visual effects while they are performing, and with the right settings, these can be enhanced substantially. This is even more true of portable PCs equipped with an internal graphics card.

When you are looking for a portable pc for DJ, you'll want to make sure it comes with all the most popular sound editing programs and other music software that professional DJs need to use. This list varies from laptop to laptop, so be sure to keep reading for more information about specific software packages available on various models of portable computers designed for DJs.

5. Comes With Mixer:

The built-in mixer of most portable PCs is one of the best features they have to offer. As a DJ, you need a good way to mix tracks as you are playing out at parties and/or your gigs. A portable pc for DJs usually comes with a built-in mixer and also allows you to configure its various controls in different ways so that you can use it for a wide range of music genres.

6. Comes With Audio Inputs:

If you hope to use your portable pc for DJ as a standalone DJ setup, you'll need to be sure that it comes with at least two audio inputs. This will allow you to connect multiple music sources (e.g., your iPod, iPhone, and laptop).

7. USB Connections: Portable PCs can offer users USB connections for connecting their various devices such as their laptop, iPod, or other audio interfaces or controllers. This allows users to plug in all those devices without the need for additional cables, and because it's possible to connect all these devices, this frees up more space on the ports on the computer itself and makes it possible for users to connect up to 7 different devices.


Now you know what to look for when shopping for a portable PC for DJ. Hopefully, this article will help you find the right laptop computer that fits your DJing needs. Just remember that it's important to include all of these features in your search.

If you are a DJ and wish to mix music on the go, then you must get one of the best portable PCs for a DJ. This will ensure that you have the best platform through which to use your music mixing software and other audio devices with ease. Not only will this save you time, but it will also allow you to move around freely while still being able to use all your necessary equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What features are essential in a portable PC for DJs?
DJs should look for portable PCs with a strong CPU for running DJ software smoothly, a reliable and fast SSD for quick access to music files, a good amount of RAM (at least 8GB), robust sound output capabilities, and multiple ports for connecting DJ equipment. Durability and a long-lasting battery are also important for live performances.

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