The Best Budget Gaming PCs - Most Popular PCs For Gaming: The Choice Of Experienced Gamers

The Best Budget Gaming PCs - Most Popular PCs For Gaming: The Choice Of Experienced Gamers

Speaking of gaming computer, each of us represents something different. One comes to mind a heaped laptop, which had to save a year. Others see a computer in front of them with spectacular modding, such as a glowing keyboard and a huge screen or two. But a nimble and easy-to-play computer doesn't have to be expensive. Even more: if the device has at least minimal graphical parameters, it will cope with the launch of nine out of ten video games. We figured out which gaming computers are available to any player, and figured out where to look before buying.

Features of choosing a gaming PC

We have highlighted the most important characteristics of a computer on which heavy video games will be played. Thanks to this technique, you can not only play your favorite games, but also work. In addition, the computers listed below are affordable.


Gamers will need powerful processors with a large number of cores. The processor manages all computational operations and data flows. Therefore, it must be powerful - otherwise the games will slow down and will not bring pleasure, not to mention victories in team tournaments.

Processor performance varies somewhat from factory to factory. From the point of view of a gamer who chooses a computer for himself, these differences are insignificant.

video card

After the processor, pay attention to the video card. She is engaged in the reproduction of graphics. If the game is rendered with high quality, the video card must be powerful, otherwise the computer will freeze or restart. Gamers are advised to consider Nvidia video cards. If the budget is limited, Radeon graphics cards, which are slightly cheaper, are suitable.


Random access memory - usually referred to as RAM in computer descriptions and technical literature - stores and processes information that appears when a program is launched. If the game generates a lot of data, it will need a fairly large amount of RAM to run.

ROM stands for Read Only Memory. It looks like a microchip that stores programs to make the computer work - for example, support the operating system. The ROM stores the most famous shell - the BIOS.


When a computer processes data, it heats up. In order for it to work stably and not suddenly reboot in the middle of the game - and this is exactly what happens when the microcircuits overheat - you need a cooling system. If the computer is powerful, it is equipped with a water cooling system. Inexpensive devices are cooled with conventional air fans - coolers. Coolers are attached to power supplies, which heat up the most. The fan also cools the graphics card. A layer of thermal paste is applied between the fan and the cooled part. It transfers heat from the part to the fan and speeds up cooling.

Power Supply

Power supplies (PSU) are designed to supply the system unit with electricity. Power supplies can have different power, which is selected for different types of system units. The more powerful the computer's processor and graphics card, the more power it needs to run. That is, the PSU should ideally be powerful.


The case protects internal parts from dust and mechanical damage, defines the design of the computer. The choice of case for the system unit depends only on the taste of the gamer. If he plans to assemble a computer himself, it is worth finding a case of the right size. If the system unit is already assembled and sold ready-made, this parameter is not important.

Form factor

This is the name of the standards applicable to the connectors on the motherboard and case.


This factor also depends on the capabilities of the gamer. In the article, we have collected gaming PCs with a price of up to 30 thousand rubles.

Best Budget Gaming PC: Top Selling Prebuilt DesktopsImagePriceRatingBuy
Dell Optiplex 7020Dell Optiplex 7020$313.074.2
Acer Aspire C27-1655-UA91Acer Aspire C27-1655-UA91$839.994.5
Lenovo IdeaCentre AIO 3 AMDLenovo IdeaCentre AIO 3 AMD$744.954.6
Acer Chromebase AIO Desktop, 23.8Acer Chromebase AIO Desktop, 23.8$575.994.5
Lenovo IdeaCentre AIO 3, 24Lenovo IdeaCentre AIO 3, 24$890.004.7
HP 22 All-in-One PCHP 22 All-in-One PC$549.004.7
MSI PRO AP241 All-in-OneMSI PRO AP241 All-in-One$599.00 4.1
HP Desktop PC Intel CoreHP Desktop PC Intel Core$499.003.5
CUK Continuum Micro Gaming PCCUK Continuum Micro Gaming PC$849.994.3
ASUS ExpertCenter D500SC Small Form Factor Desktop PCASUS ExpertCenter D500SC Small Form Factor Desktop PC$649.994.5

Dell Optiplex 7020

This is an affordable ready-made system unit that is assembled in Russia. Let's face it: it does not have outstanding characteristics. It has an integrated Radeon graphics card and a small margin of RAM - four gigabytes. If you enjoy playing games with minimal performance requirements, the Dell Optiplex 7020 is a viable option to buy. Heavy video games are not for him.

How much it costs: from $150 to $313.07

Advantages disadvantages:

  • cheap,
  • compact,
  • equipped with a moderately powerful CPU,
  • affordable.
  • weak built-in video card,
  • little hard drive space
  • uncomfortable keyboard.

Acer Aspire C27-1655-UA91

Small and light personal computer with average performance. From Acer Aspire C27-1655-UA91

this version features CPU performance, twice the amount of RAM and a terabyte of free hard disk space. The remaining parameters repeat the previous model. If the games are not very heavy, this computer will do and will not ruin.

How much it costs: $839.99

Advantages disadvantages:

  • compactness,
  • enough RAM,
  • one terabyte hard drive
  • lightweight personal computer.
  • built-in video card
  • little space to store files and documents.

Lenovo IdeaCentre AIO 3 AMD

This is a system unit for gamers, which is sold ready-made and is completed with spare parts according to the list approved by the manufacturer. Suitable for undemanding games and programs. Despite the very average performance, he has a big plus. This is a video card that can be exchanged for a more powerful one when free money appears.

How much it costs: $744.95

Advantages disadvantages:

  • compactness,
  • ease,
  • replacement video card
  • low price,
  • supplied with spare parts.
  • not enough hard disk space - 500 gigabytes,
  • many games will run on the minimum requirements.

Acer Chromebase AIO Desktop, 23.8

A slightly more powerful computer than the first three personal computers in our review. If you invest a little more money in its modernization, the speed and graphics capabilities will increase dramatically. If you do not spend money on upgrades, you can play many video games with standard characteristics. From the manufacturer, it has a quad-core CPU that can handle applications of average power.

How much: $575.99

Advantages disadvantages:

  • quad-core processor,
  • terabyte of free hard disk space,
  • replacement video card
  • There are opportunities for modernization
  • huge graphic possibilities.
  • relatively expensive
  • not enough memory.

Lenovo IdeaCentre AIO 3, 24

One of the most interesting computers in our selection. It has good gaming characteristics: for example, it will be possible to drive the Witcher if you set the graphics quality to a minimum. Inside there is a high-performance graphics card, a fairly large RAM, a powerful processor and a half-terabyte hard drive. This PC also has a connector for connecting an external hard drive. Additional features affected the price.

How much it costs: $890.00

Advantages disadvantages:

  • powerful, compact and lightweight,
  • has a slot for an external hard drive and a replaceable video card,
  • affordable cost.
  • there is not enough space on the built-in hard drive,
  • The CPU has only two cores,
  • The computer itself is quite heavy.

HP 22 All-in-One PC

In the first place in our selection is a desktop PC with a CPU and an Intel-made motherboard. It has a powerful replaceable DDR5 video card. RAM version - DDR4. If you want to upgrade this system unit, nothing will stop you from replacing the video card or increasing the amount of RAM. The PC runs powerful games, but you may need to set the minimum graphic settings in some. This system unit is very compact.

How much it costs: $549.00

Advantages disadvantages:

  • small size,
  • interesting design,
  • power,
  • replacement video card
  • pulls many games on high requirements.
  • two cores in the CPU,
  • a small hard drive of half a terabyte,
  • not always enough memory.

MSI PRO AP241 All-in-One

A PC that I want to call very powerful. All its characteristics exceed those. It has a quad-core CPU from AMD. The standard package comes with built-in RAM for two gigabytes manufactured by NVidia and external RAM for eight gigabytes of DDR4 type. Most likely, this version of the personal computer will pull any new video game.

How much it costs: $599.00

Advantages disadvantages:

  • beautiful and small body,
  • ease,
  • excellent performance in the price range up to 30 thousand rubles.
  • little hard disk space: 120 gigabytes,
  • may not pull some games even at minimum wages.

HP Desktop PC Intel Core

A good option for a gaming PC with a fast CPU from Intel. It has fourth generation RAM. The video card is built-in, belongs to the fifth generation. The manufacturer did not provide for drives. That is, they will have to be spent separately. You can buy both a hard drive and an external drive. The PC is suitable for office tasks, undemanding and average games in terms of system requirements.

How much it costs: about $499.00

Advantages disadvantages:

  • compactness,
  • Beautiful design,
  • good features,
  • suitable for undemanding games.
  • no storage,
  • high price,
  • you have to buy storage.

CUK Continuum Micro Gaming PC

A powerful personal computer that can handle any video game. Despite the power, it costs less than 30 thousand rubles. The computer has a quad-core processor, fourth-generation RAM, fifth-generation integrated graphics, a hard disk with a terabyte of free space. If you want to store more data, you can buy a capacious hard drive separately. The computer has a beautiful case that will decorate an office or bedroom.

How much it costs: $849.99

Advantages disadvantages:

  • large power reserve
  • compactness,
  • acceptable price,
  • a lot of space on the internal hard drive,
  • you can buy and connect additional drives.
  • not the cheapest personal computer with such characteristics.

ASUS ExpertCenter D500SC Small Form Factor Desktop PC

An option for gamers who have 30 thousand rubles to purchase a gaming computer. The standard specifications will be enough to play powerful games with high-quality graphics. This personal computer has a powerful processor, high-performance graphics card from the brand. The computer has a lot of RAM. The data is stored on a one terabyte hard drive. The manufacturer has provided the ability to connect additional solid-state and hybrid drives. The computer received a beautiful small case.

How much it costs: $649.99

Advantages disadvantages:

  • There are slots for SSD and SHD,
  • a lot of RAM,
  • large hard drive
  • stylish compact body.
  • no CD drive - games will need to be downloaded,
  • install from a flash drive or play via the Internet.


We talked about successful options for personal gaming computers that are suitable for games - weak, medium in power and demanding on hardware. All computers from our selection can be found on sale at prices up to 30 thousand rubles. Many of the participants in the review provide an opportunity to upgrade individual components, for example, install a more powerful video card, replace the power supply, buy RAM or a hard drive. Inexpensive options cope with office tasks and average power games in which the graphics quality is manually reduced.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the HP 22 All-in-One sound like a good budget gaming PC solution?
It is the best choice , it has powerful DDR5 replacement graphics card. Motherboard from Intel. The RAM version is DDR4. He also has the ability to replace the video card and RAM. The PC is quite compact and at the same time runs powerful games.
Why do experienced gamers often prefer budget gaming PCs, and what do they typically feature?
Experienced gamers value budget gaming PCs for their cost-effectiveness and potential for customization and upgrades. These PCs usually feature mid-range CPUs and GPUs, sufficient RAM, and SSD storage, offering a balance between performance and price. Experienced gamers often upgrade components over time, making budget PCs a practical starting point.

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