Top 5 Best Laptops For Python Developers

Top 5 Best Laptops For Python Developers

Today it is impossible to imagine a person's life without daily interaction with a laptop. This is due to the fact that laptops are used in various fields of activity from education to space flights. It is especially necessary to choose the best developer laptops for the productive work of the IT team.

Of course, a laptop can be found in every home, not to mention offices and corporations. According to experts, in the future such technologies will be maximally integrated into the life of every person.

To be able to give an opinion about which is the best laptop for Python developers, it is good to know a little about the characteristics of this programming language, then we will analyze what it is, and why specific features are necessary in a laptop to use it.


1 What is Python?

The rise of technology over time, has required instruments and tools to achieve advances that every day have been more sophisticated, especially computers for their operation require specific instructions, the set of these are known as programming languages, and when we talk about Python, we are talking about one of these languages.

Python is a tool for programming, with the characteristic of not requiring compilation, since it is an interpreted language, it is executed in real time on platforms with interpreter, providing greater efficiency at the time of programming.

1.1 What are programming languages?

In the simplest words, they are a sequence of instructions that have a logical sense, and that have the objective of indicating to a computer what it must do, they are like the language that is established between the man, and the machine to communicate.

1.2 Types of languages

Since its creation until today, there have been different types of languages for computer programming, from machine languages, assemblers, low-level languages, and high-level languages, the latter being the category to which Python belongs, in order to clarify which are the best laptop for Python developers, we will delve deeper into this type of language.

These languages have existed in their most primitive form for almost 200 years, but those belonging to the high-level category emerged from the late 50s, when FORTRAN was created, a scientific, mathematical language that caused a revolution in its beginnings, with the appearance of others later than COBOL, BASIC, Pascal, and C, began a breakthrough in computer programming languages.

This progress brought the appearance of Python in the early 90s, which has become one of the most popular languages among developers, due to its ease of learning, the large library it has, and the generalization of the forms and environments in which it can be used.

2 Top 5 Best laptop for python developers

Here are 5 laptop alternatives that in our opinion are ideal for you to consider when choosing an efficient device that allows you to develop with ease, comfort, and above all that provide you with the best performance at a technical level to achieve success in this fascinating world of application development.

2.1 ASUS VivoBook, Pro 16X, Because You Will Be Able To Create With Super Performance

This machine is one of those that are considered the best laptop for Python developers, and this is due to the overall generality of the technical features it has.

It is a laptop that meets all the requirements that can be aspired to be able to develop Python applications, to begin with this laptop is equipped with a powerful 16-inch monitor, a more than acceptable size for a developer to work with ease, and comfort, has a resolution of 3840 x 2400 which means more than 8 million pixels, understanding that this refers to the dots per square inch within the monitor.

Unlike other technologies, this monitor works with organic diodes, which have the ability to emit light to form images, through electrical impulses.

The processor of this laptop is an AMD Ryzen 9, model 5900HX, which has 16M of cache memory, and 4.6GHz.

Another advantage of this laptop to be considered suitable for Python developers is the RAM memory capacity, which is 32 GB, very good for this type of work, as it provides performance guarantee, and speed to work in a simpler way.

It comes with the Windows 11 Operating System, Pro version, provides a very simple way to work, as it is faster for working with multiple windows, and provides greater stability, besides having more direct and simple menus.

At the graphics level it meets the needs with an NVIDIA GeForce, and has external storage of 1 TB SSD hard drive, as for the autonomy of the device has a lithium ion battery of 20 volts, and to complete the advantages the keyboard of this machine has everything necessary for a Python developer, can access any function with ease.

The cons of the Asus VivoBook, if we must talk about disadvantages to consider it as the best laptop for Python developers, would be that a laptop as opposed to a desktop computer does not provide all the comforts for this efficient activity of application development.


  • Enough visual space for multi-windowing
  • Capacity and speed for application testing
  • Longer range of autonomy
  • Connectivity limitations when away from home, or office
  • It will always depend on the autonomy time to work.
★★★★⋆ Asus VivoBook Pro 16X OLED Slim Laptop In general, it can be among the best laptops for python developers because of the extraordinary performance provided by its processor, its high internal memory capacity, and the general features that will provide great ease for application development.

2.2 HP Pavilion 2022 15.6 inches, Will Give You Energy All Day Long

Laptops like this are a great solution for Python developers, it is a machine with enough power, in addition to all the technical advantages it provides, it is very elegant, it provides great mobility, and the performance can be considered unbeatable.

This machine is a great alternative when you lack the budget to look for higher-end models, provided with a 14-inch monitor with an excellent Full HD resolution, 16:9 widescreen ratio, the screen is anti-glare, making it ideal for long hours of work.

The monitor frame is narrow, allowing better vision, and the WLED technology helps the autonomy of the laptop is greater, this is due to the low power consumption of the monitor.

The Pavilion is equipped with an AMD processor, Ryzen 7 5700U, multicore, also has 32 GB in Ram memory, enough for the development of Python, type DDR4 3200 provides greater processing speed to developers.

For storage, it has 1 TB in PCIe SSD.

The only disadvantage that this laptop can present for the development of applications such as Python, is that it does not have a keyboard, ergonomic enough, although it is very functional.


  • One of the most economical of its kind.
  • High-performance processor
  • Unbeatable presence
  • Very wide viewing angle that favors multi-window work.
  • Very little ease of use of the keyboard.
★★★★☆ HP Pavilion 2022 This laptop offers many advantages at a low cost, it has high-end laptop features at a mid-range price.

2.3 Apple MacBook Pro, A Powerful, Ultra-Fast Chip Machine

This is one of what we consider among the best laptops for Python developers, it includes many advantages, a 14-inch monitor with Liquid Retina XDR type, which works with dynamic range, and endowed with an extreme contrast ratio.

Another of the great advantages of this machine is the powerful processor, an Apple M1, Pro, with 8 cores that provides excellent performance, providing speeds 4 times faster than any of its competitors.

At the graphics level it offers more advantages with a GPU with 14 cores, which is more than enough to exploit the benefits that this laptop has, the 16 GB it has in RAM allow executions with great speed, and comes with Apple's operating system, macOs, Big Sur to use creativity without limits in the development of applications.

As if that were not enough, the MacBook Pro is equipped with a neural engine, this has 16 cores that ensure high speed executions, and the autonomy it provides is considerable, the battery guarantees more than 17 hours of operation.

The versatility and power of this laptop is to be taken into account when choosing a laptop for python developers.

To talk about any disadvantage for this equipment is almost impossible, although the 16 MB of internal memory could be the Achilles heel, we consider that it is more than enough for the work of developing applications.


  • 8 cores in the processors guaranteeing the power of a super machine
  • Special design for developers
  • Advanced architecture level
  • Wide memory bandwidth
  • Ram memory at the limit for Python developers
★★★★⋆ Apple MacBook Pro The MacBook Pro is a super computer with an architecture that provides a speed and functionality envied by other models, it is a laptop with features that place it among the best laptops for Python developers.

2.4 Acer Aspire 5, For Its Versatility In Multitasking

Special for when you have low budgets, this is an economic laptop if a comparison is made with other laptops of higher ranges, the advantage with this one, lies in the relation of cost against the benefit that it offers.

The internal memory is 16 MB, being this a sufficient RAM for the development of Python, the 15.6-inch screen offers the possibility of working with several simultaneous windows, high resolution in FHD, lower consumption, which improves the autonomy of the laptop, which has a processor is an AMD, Ryzen 3-3350U.

Although the keyboard is very functional, and is ideal for application development functions, this could be the disadvantage, if it has any.


  • Powerful cooling system that keeps the laptop cool at all times
  • Color optimization, providing a wonderful viewing experience
  • High performance processor
  • Good battery life
  • The keyboard does not provide enough comfort to the developer, although it does provide the basics.
★★★★⋆ Acer Aspire 5 The combination of design, connectivity, visualization, graphic functions and performance provide more than enough features to consider it suitable for application developers.

2.5 MSI Bravo Stealth, more power and better balance

A laptop that could be considered the best option in laptop for python developers, and it is not only for the advantage of having an excellent monitor, of very good size, with more than 15 inches, that shows the images in an unbeatable resolution, it is also equipped with a processor with a lot of power, the Intel Core i7, in the aspect of graphics also has great advantages provided by the NVIDIA GeForce.

But the laptop also has a special technology to keep it cool at all times, the heat dissipation is in charge of Cooler Boost, so the risks of suffering damage from overheating are nil.

If a comparison is made between the price of this machine, and the numerous benefits and advantages it offers, it is undoubtedly one of the most viable alternatives for Python developers.


  • Mid-range cost, for a device with high-end features
  • Powerful i7 processor
  • 144 Hz IPS display technology
  • Excellent graphics system
  • Autonomy is sufficient, but could be superior.
★★★★☆ MSI Bravo Stealth The Bravo Stealth despite having enough power, high performance and excellent visualization features, is one of the thinnest laptops, which provides comfort, efficiency and functionality for hard work, such as Python development.

3 Can I program with Python on any computer?

This language has characteristics that do not require very powerful machines, however, depending on the type of programs you want to develop, and how complex they are, it is necessary to have computers that provide the minimum requirements in terms of performance and ease of use.

3.1 Monitor size

Computer monitors are classified according to the size in inches of the diagonal between its corners, so you can find from 10 to 20 inches, the recommendation to work comfortably with Python is an efficient size, which should not be less than 15 inches, this is because the work developing programs with this language requires the simultaneous use of more than one window, it is almost mandatory to have a window open with the program editor to go typing the code, while in another window will have to have open technical support information such as a web browser.

3.2 Operating System

An efficient platform is vital in the work of developing computer programs, the native alternatives are the best choice, the use of the three main operating systems such as Linux, Windows, and macOS, this is vital to succeed in the development of applications, the characteristic that is sought is to have a platform that provides reliability, security, and stability.

3.3 The processor

Python does not demand great potential in this aspect, but the time taken to generate the binary code if it is an old processor can take up to hours, an alternative that will provide excellent performance is the Intel Core line from i7 onwards, where the important thing becomes the core count of the processor.

3.4 Memory

The RAM memory capacity is a very important aspect in a computer of any kind, the efficiency in the execution of all applications and the processing speed of the computer depends on this capacity, it is a volatile memory, when the computer is turned off all the information resident in the RAM is initialized and all the information that has not been saved in other media such as hard disks and other external memories, is lost.

To develop complex Python programs efficiently, you need at least 32 GB of RAM memory capacity.

3.5 Graphics Processing Unit

This component, known as GPU, is important for the development of applications with relevant graphic content, such as video games. The best options are accelerators such as NVIDIA Quadro, AMD Radeon, FirePro, others such as Titan, Tesla, Intel XeonPhi.

3.6 The keyboard

This peripheral, although it may not seem so, is also of great importance when developing Python programs. Typing a considerable amount of lines when entering the code into the machine is an activity that the more ease, comfort and efficiency it provides, the more advantages it will bring to those who develop in this language.

A gaming style model is a very reliable alternative, in the case of looking for the best laptop for python developers, you will have the option of using it as an external peripheral.

3.7 Autonomy

This feature refers to the working time that the laptop is able to withstand without connection to an electricity source, the durability of the battery charge, the more hours it guarantees, the more advantageous the machine will be for developers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What specifications should Python developers look for in a laptop?
Python developers need laptops with a fast processor (Intel i5 or higher), at least 8GB of RAM (16GB is preferable for more demanding tasks), and ample storage (preferably SSD for faster data access). A comfortable keyboard and a clear display are also key for coding and debugging.

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