How Do I Charge My Laptop Without A Charger?

How Do I Charge My Laptop Without A Charger?

Everyone who has a job connected with their laptop faced such a problem as a forgotten charger, especially in the morning. And it's good if your colleagues have the same charge and can share, but what if not?

In general, before considering this article, you need to understand that using a non-native charger can shorten the battery life of a laptop, especially if such situations occur on a real basis.

Unusual alternative ways to charge your laptop

Of course, everyone understands that there are several alternative ways to charge a laptop if the native charger is left at home or is suddenly out of order. What are these methods? Very simple: use USB Type-C ports; recharge from a power bank; use a car battery. Let's consider them in more detail.

1. USB charging.

This method can only be considered by those lucky ones whose laptops have a USB-C connector. The point is that this port is considered as a high power port. A regular classic port can charge, for example, a phone connected to a laptop, but it will never be able to charge a laptop. This is the main difference. True, before enjoying such a simple and not tricky method, you need to think about finding a cable suitable for this task, but if there is one, then it is not a problem at all!

2. Charge the laptop from a portable battery or power bank.

In the age of gadgets and cool smartphones, almost everyone has a portable charger, also called powerbank. The market offers a large assortment of such batteries, you can choose by volume (in milliampere hours), by weight (some models are not convenient to carry with you because of their heavy weight), by color, size and other interesting things. If suddenly you have such a unit, and your laptop sits down, you can safely take the data cable and start charging. However, before doing this, it is important to know in advance whether the laptop is compatible with your portable battery. This method is really capable of helping out in a critical situation.

3. Charging a laptop in the car while traveling (and not only).

Gathering on the road is often very tiring, you are afraid to forget something, you check everything, and already on the way it turns out that the laptop charger was left at home. This problem can be solved very easily. Any car has a cigarette lighter, the so-called car socket. You can insert a car charger into it - roughly speaking, an adapter into which you can connect a cable, and this cable into a laptop. It is not worth worrying that the laptop will drain the car's battery if the generator is working in the car.

What other ways are there?

In fact, there are more of these methods than you think, and each of them can be used on a regular basis with absolutely no harm to your laptop.

1. Universal adapter - invention for travelers

It does not matter at all whether you went on a trip - by plane, or by car, and in either case you may be offered to use a universal cable for charging. Naturally, the whole hitch will lie in the compatibility of your device with this universal cord.

Of course, this is a temporary solution, but still, thanks to it, you will not be left without such an important and necessary device while traveling.

2. External battery charging

This section is not about an external portable battery, but about a special charger, for which you need to remove the battery from the laptop and put it on charge.

This is a very good way out of the situation, although there is also a small nuance in compatibility: it is very important to provide that an external charger is suitable for your type of battery. If this is not the case, or you are not sure about the compatibility, it is better to clarify this information in more detail so as not to harm the battery.

3. Availability of a spare battery

Even if it seems to you that your laptop is not so modern, or, on the contrary, is completely new, you can worry and buy a spare battery from an official manufacturer specifically for your laptop model.

This method works very simply - you need to always keep this charged battery with you, and if the first one is discharged, you can always put a spare one and continue working. This method is especially relevant for travel or long trips.

4. Universal adapter

For example, you lost your original laptop charger and cannot find and buy the same one. Especially for such cases, universal power adapters were invented. The modern market offers a huge variety of them, you just need to choose compatibility by contacts.

If you managed to find such an adapter for your laptop, buy another one in stock, it will never be superfluous.

5. Charging lithium-ion batteries

This method should be used in the most extreme cases, when the situation is really hopeless. The essence of this method is that any laptop battery does not consist of one element, as it might seem, but of three pairs of lithium-ion batteries. They are welded, but if absolutely necessary, they can be easily separated and charged in a non-standard way.

This way consists in the fact that you first need to disassemble the battery into these elements, and then charge each cell separately. The most important thing to worry about is the compatibility of the charger with these batteries. If everything is in order, then you can safely use it.

6. Charge a laptop from a smartphone

Of course, this is not such an exotic way as in the previous version, but it also has a right to exist. True, of all those presented, this one is the most not recommended for use in real life.

Many modern computers have a type C charging port. In this simple way, you can charge your laptop from your phone. But do not expect that it will fully charge, after that it will work no more than 20 minutes - at best. And after this time, you get a discharged smartphone and laptop. You can also use this option in an extremely emergency situation.

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Frequently Asked Questions: how to charge a laptop without a charger

There is a list of some of the questions that users often ask. Let's consider them and try to find answers to each.

1. Is it possible to charge the laptop via the USB port?

Definitely we can, the article gave several options for such a charge. For this option, you only need to worry about the availability of a compatible adapter that plugs into the outlet.

2. Does the laptop fit any charger?

Yes, for a laptop, you can use any charger that suits it, it may not be from the manufacturer. But it is worth remembering that the laptop battery will last much longer if you use the native charger.

3. Can the laptop be charged with an HDMI cable?

An HDMI cable is completely not designed for this purpose. In a laptop, there is no such microcircuit that could provide a good current flow through such a cable. Yes, and initially it announced other functions, but not charging.

4. Is it possible to operate the laptop without a battery at all?

Yes, if your laptop doesn't have a battery for some reason, you can still use it. In order for everything to work out, it must be connected to a charger, that is, it will work directly from the network. This does not do any harm to the laptop, but there is a risk of not having time to save important information if a sudden voltage drop occurs.

5. How many hours should the laptop battery be charged?

On average, this is several hours for new computers. If the laptop has been in use for some time, then the charging time will directly depend on the state of the battery.

6. Can the laptop be charged via a smartphone?

Yes, you can do this, but this is not an entirely effective method. After such a charge, the computer will not work for a very long time, and as a result, you will receive two completely discharged devices.

7. Is it safe to charge my laptop without an official charger?

Not really. In order for everything to go without harm to the battery, you need to know the type of battery of your computer and, according to this parameter, select a non-original charger.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to charge laptop without charger?
Yes, there are effective ways for such charging. For example, use USB Type-C ports; recharge from a power bank; use a car battery.
What are some alternative ways to charge a laptop when the original charger is not available?
You can charge your laptop using a USB-C connection if your laptop supports it, using a compatible USB-C phone charger. Alternatively, portable laptop chargers or power banks, car chargers, and universal laptop chargers are viable options. In emergencies, you can also use an external battery with an adapter compatible with your laptop's charging port.

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