Selection: 5 Best Laptops For Realtors

Selection: 5 Best Laptops For Realtors

A realtor is a fairly popular profession in the modern world, and an excellent realtor must have a technical issue resolved. He should always be multitasking, constantly connected and deal with a bunch of problems that arise.

But in order to be such a realtor, a specialist must have a good laptop that will quickly and efficiently cope with all the tasks of its owner. Of course, a realtor does not need a laptop that can handle modern games, it should only be multitasking, convenient and simple.

Selection: 5 Best Laptops For RealtorsImagePriceRatingBuy
Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 is the best laptop for realtorsMicrosoft Surface Laptop 3 is the best laptop for realtors$749.994.5
Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is the best 2-in-1 laptop for realtorsMicrosoft Surface Pro 7 is the best 2-in-1 laptop for realtors$679.994.5
Acer Spin 3 is the best convertible laptop for realtors under $ 1,000Acer Spin 3 is the best convertible laptop for realtors under $ 1,000$787.134.4
Acer Aspire 1 - Best Laptop Under $ 400 For Real Estate AgentsAcer Aspire 1 - Best Laptop Under $ 400 For Real Estate Agents$339.004.1
Asus VivoBook L203MA is the best budget laptop under $ 300Asus VivoBook L203MA is the best budget laptop under $ 300$239.004.3

Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 is the best laptop for realtors

This model is at the top of this list of the top five for a reason. It is he who is definitely needed by a realtor and any real estate manager. This laptop has a very simple yet portable design - it has a sleek body and is also very lightweight, so it won't be difficult to carry it with you when necessary, even if you have to do it even every day.

At the same time, it does not matter at all what programs you plan to run on it for work, because it has the very necessary multitasking, and will cope with any of these programs without problems. One of its interesting advantages over other models is the price. You can buy such a machine for no more than $ 600, and this is a fairly reasonable price for such a laptop.

This laptop has a 13.5-inch touchscreen display in its arsenal. It is in this model that the screen sensor is very responsive, and it is a pleasure to use it.

As for the processor, Intel Core m3 is installed here. It is on him that multitasking depends, with which he copes without problems.


  • Display size: 13.5 inches;
  • Processor: Intel Core i5;
  • RAM: 8 GB;
  • Operating system: Windows 10 Home;
  • Item Weight: 2.79 lbs;
  • Hard Disk size: 128 GB.

Pros / Cons of the model:

  • The thinnest and lightest laptop possible, making it very easy to carry;
  • Handles multitasking without problems;
  • The presence of a very responsive touch screen;
  • A fairly affordable price tag for a realtor.
  • The only drawback that can be found in this model is the limited operating system. In order to use all its functions, you will have to buy a full licensed version of the operating system.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is the best 2-in-1 laptop for realtors

The second in this list is another device from Microsoft. It is notable for the fact that when you buy it, you get not one device for this money, but actually two, because it is a transformer. Any modern realtor wants to have such a device in his arsenal. A well-known company has tried to make this option as productive and lightweight as possible, and at the same time, compact if necessary. The only thing that may not please if you settled on such a model is the price. Such a transformer will cost more than a thousand dollars for sure.

Since the device for a realtor must be very productive, a modern tenth generation Core i5 processor is installed here, and as much as 8 GB of RAM.

The highlight of this model lies precisely in the fact that it can quickly turn from a full-fledged computer into a lightweight and compact tablet. In addition, a special Microsoft Pen is supplied with the laptop, with which it is even easier to control the transformer.

It is also worth paying attention to the fact that this model is capable of working without recharging for almost 11 hours. This seems unrealistic, especially considering the small size of the laptop.

Of the pleasant features - the model has two cameras - front and back, both are capable of shooting video in FullHD 1080p.


  • Display size: 12.3 inches;
  • Screen resolution: 2736 x 1824;
  • Maximum screen resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • The amount of RAM: 8 GB;
  • Hard drive: 256 GB;
  • Average battery life: 10.5 hours;
  • Operating system: Windows 10 Home;
  • Processor brand: Intel.

Pros / Cons of the model:

  • As thin and compact as possible, it can be transformed into a full-fledged tablet;
  • The full-size touchscreen display, as well as the included stylus, makes it even easier to operate your laptop or tablet;
  • The presence of two webcams (front and back), each can record video in 1080p;
  • This model is ideal for realtors, and people who work with real estate;
  • Copes well with multitasking.
  • Users note that the keyboard is not very durable;
  • You may be upset by the too high price of the device.

Acer Spin 3 is the best convertible laptop for realtors under $ 1,000

If the previous model was able to shock you with its price, then Spin 3 can definitely surprise you in a good way. This model, while looking small, offers great performance and is not just a laptop, but a convertible. It is very easy to convert it into a tablet, but at the same time manage all your projects with peace of mind. It is light enough that even if you have to carry it with you every day, it will not cause any problems. Its price is about $ 800.

This model received a display with high responsiveness, and in addition, a pen is included for more convenient business management.

As for the technical part, the processor of the eighth generation Core i7 is installed here, it is he who gives such cool multitasking. The amount of RAM is as much as 16 GB, and the hard drive is rated at 512 GB. All of this is quite enough to cope with real estate tasks.

Thanks to the technologies that were used to create this model, you can now take this laptop and carry out various business events without any problems.


  • Display size: 14 inches;
  • Maximum screen resolution: 1920 x 1080;
  • Processor: Intel Core i7;
  • RAM: 16 GB;
  • Hard disk memory capacity: 512 GB;
  • Average battery life: 12 hours;
  • Operating system: Windows 10 Home;
  • Graphics coprocessor: Intel UHD Graphics 620.

Pros / Cons of the model:

  • Maximum responsive touchscreen display;
  • Easily converts into a full-fledged tablet;
  • Included with the transformer, you also get a pen for the most productive control;
  • A powerful processor and a good amount of RAM make it easy to open even very heavy programs.
  • Sometimes it can overheat, but not to critical indicators;
  • Users report unprofessional customer support.

Acer Aspire 1 - Best Laptop Under $ 400 For Real Estate Agents

Acer is exactly the kind of company that never lets you down if you opted for its products. The Aspire 1 is the perfect budget option for aspiring realtors as it costs no more than $ 400 and will come to the rescue of those on a very tight budget. Users remain with good impressions after working with it, although it is not as productive as the models described above. This laptop is able to demonstrate decent multitasking performance and long battery life. If we pay attention to the design, then Acer, as always, did not fail, and made a lightweight compact model that you can easily take with you to any meetings.

As for the hardware parameters in this model, the Aspire 1 received a dual-core Intel Celeron N4000 processor. It is not as powerful as we would like to imagine, but it nevertheless successfully delivers good performance to the laptop.

The display of this device is 14 inches, in addition, it has FullHD technology, so it is very pleasant to work with such a device, the colors are juicy enough to convince your business clients.

If we talk about autonomous work, that is, about battery life, then the laptop is able to hold out without recharging 6.4 hours, which is quite a good indicator for its price category and general characteristics.


  • Display size: 14 inches;
  • Maximum screen resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels;
  • Processor: Intel Celeron N4000;
  • RAM size: 4 GB;
  • Hard drive: 64 GB;
  • Average battery life: 6.5 hours;
  • Operating system: Windows 10 S.

Pros / Cons of the model:

  • Quite compact and portable;
  • The processor, although not the most powerful, but at the same time copes well with multitasking;
  • The best option for the person who manages the property;
  • The price for such a device is very affordable;
  • Long enough battery life.
  • Quite mediocre characteristics in comparison with those models with which we got acquainted earlier, however, the price here does not bite either.

Asus VivoBook L203MA is the best budget laptop under $ 300

Even if your budget is very limited, now you don't have to worry about it, because this model costs $ 270. Even though the price is so low, it works quite well.

For starters, it is important to say that this model has a slim and sleek design, so it is very easy to take it with you to any event. Of course, you should not expect a beast for such a sum, but what is, will not disappoint you. This option is perfect for the aspiring property manager.

On the technical side, a reliable Intel Celeron processor is installed here, it is known for being very good at multitasking. It also has an 11.6-inch display with quite rich colors, so you can work with it for a long time, and your eyes will not get tired at all.


  • Display size: 11.6 inches;
  • Screen resolution: 1366 x 768;
  • Maximum screen resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels;
  • Processor: Intel Celeron;
  • RAM: 4 GB;
  • Graphics coprocessor: Intel UHD Graphics 600;
  • The amount of RAM of the video card: 4GB;
  • Average battery life: 10 hours;
  • Operating system: Windows 10S.

Pros / Cons of the model:

  • The model is ideal for beginners;
  • Copes with multitasking very well without sacrificing performance;
  • A very affordable price, you won't have to save up for it for a long time;
  • Quite compact and portable.
  • Mediocre characteristics, so it is not suitable for professional realtors;
  • Stripped down operating system.

A Quick Guide: How to Choose the Best Laptop for Realtors

Obviously, a realtor does not need a gaming laptop, they just need a model that is good in design and at the same time efficient at work.

Multitasking can be defined in different ways, and simple projects won't require major resources. But if you have a more complex professional job, then you need a laptop with better specs. Therefore, any laptop for a realtor must meet certain conditions.

1. Portability.

The best model for a realtor differs in that it is as portable as possible, because you have to constantly carry it with you. Therefore, you need to choose the option that weighs the least, but at the same time has more functions.

2. Hybrid device.

This section is about transformers. They can transform from a full-fledged laptop into a full-fledged tablet in a couple of seconds, which is convenient to take to presentations or any other events.

3. The battery is very important.

The device should work well autonomously, that is, it should work for at least 6 hours without recharging.

4. Design and business look.

Design is also very important for a property manager because he has to communicate with different clients and always need to make the best possible impression on them.

5. Backlit keyboard.

Realtors have to constantly work with documents, therefore, the laptop should be such that it is convenient for them to do this. The backlit keyboard will make it easier to work with text, so it will be a nice addition to a laptop with good performance.

This guide will help you find the perfect laptop for your property manager.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which laptop should a good realtor choose?
If you are wondering which laptop for real estate to choose Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 , it combines the best qualities , it 's lightweight , feature - rich and can be easily carried with you every day . And its cost does not exceed 600 dollars.
What specifications should realtors look for in a laptop for their profession?
Realtors need laptops that are lightweight and have long battery life for mobility. A high-resolution screen for showing properties and documents clearly, a reliable internet connection for communication and property listings, and sufficient storage for saving important files are also crucial.

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